UT misses Dodd's top 25

Respected football analyst Dennis Dodd lists four SEC programs among his "Post-Spring Top 25" but none of them is named Tennessee.

Dodd, senior writer for cbs.sportsline.com, actually ranks all four SEC teams in the top 10. Auburn, which was No. 4 in his pre-spring rankings, has moved up to No. 3. Louisiana State, which was Dodd's No. 2 pre-spring pick, has slipped to No. 4. Florida holds steady at No. 9 and Georgia at No. 10.

Dodd's top 10 consists of 1. Ohio State, 2. West Virginia, 3. Auburn, 4. LSU, 5. Oklahoma, 6. Texas, 7. Notre Dame, 8. Southern Cal, 9. Florida and 10. Georgia.

Here's what Dodd had to say about the four SEC programs:

3. Auburn: Still looking for a fullback, which is more than a small problem in the SEC. The line must be shored up in the fall with loss of Marcus McNeill and Troy Reddick. Pre-spring: No. 4. One of about four SEC teams that could end up in the BCS title game.

4. LSU: Too many injuries to get a solid read coming out the spring. Running backs Justin Vincent and Alley Broussard and quarterback JaMarcus Russell missed spring because of nagging injuries. Pre-spring: No. 2. Dropped because momentary Final Four fever took over Baton Rouge. Focus will be back in the fall.

9. Florida: Dueling controversies in Gainesville -- one at quarterback, one at running back. The difference is that both Chris Leak and Tim Tebow can play. So far, the inconsistent collection of runners can't. Pre-spring: No. 9. That's right, I said Tim Tebow can play.

10. Georgia: Pretty much nothing was decided at quarterback. Joe Tereshinski, Matthew Stafford and Joe Cox were underwhelming in the spring game. Pre-spring: No. 10.

Dodd's complete post-spring rankings can be accessed by going to cbs.sportsline.com, then clicking on the "Post-spring top 25" link.

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