Budget Resolved, UT To Reopen

The crisis has passed. <p> Tennessee's Senate and House voted on Wednesday to raise $933 million in new state revenue, and Gov. Don Sundquist's signature on the bill sometime today will officially end the partial shutdown of state government which could've inflicted serious damage on the University of Tennessee football program.

Sources at UT say they expect the school to reopen on Monday after a brief shutdown. This will affect hundreds of employees and also give an estimated 20-30 Vol football players a chance to solidify their academic eligiblility by attending the second session of summer school. Without summer school, some of these players almost certainly would've been ineligible this fall.

After failing to agree on a state income tax earlier this week, state legislators resolved the stalemate by voting in a penny-per-dollar increase in the state sales tax. This will take effect July 15 and provide much of the revenue needed to erase the current budget deficit. In addition, there will be an increase in the ''sin tax'' on alcohol and tobacco products.

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