Fulmer applauds BCS change

Because he is a sportsman, as well as a competitor, Vol football coach Phillip Fulmer detests running up the score on outmanned opponents. So, the new Bowl Championship Series guidelines which eliminate ''margin of victory'' from the equation are a big hit with the UT head man. He's clearly pleased to be freed from the pressure to score meaningless touchdowns on beaten foes just to pile up BCS points.

Fulmer had this to say in an exclusive interview with Rocky Top News at 3:15 on Wednesday afternoon:

''From the very beginning, when it (BCS) started, I said that's something that's unfair to the teams you were playing — when you're up 21 or 28 points, and you're playing against a computer.''

''This is a step in the right direction for the BCS, and I'm glad to see it. There have been times when it has run across my mind in the fourth quarter, 'Do we have enough points to satisfy the computer?' You're wanting to get your backups and younger players in the game and you're working like heck not to embarrass the other team in that situation, so I think it's definitely a step in the right direction.''

With a chuckle, Fulmer added:

''It's just about five years too late.''

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