One eye-opening stat

Sometimes you stumble across a statistic so mind-boggling that it simply makes you sit up and say, "Wow!" I recently ran across a statistic at the website that had precisely that effect on me.

Did you know that seven of the 32 first-round picks in the recent National Football League draft attended Florida high schools? In other words, approximately one-fourth of the elite athletes in college football last fall came from the talent-rich Florida prep ranks.

By draft's end, 19 more players with roots in the Sunshine State had been selected. All told, 26 players sporting Florida high school diplomas were taken during the draft's seven rounds. The only states that produced more draftees were California (36) and Texas (30).

In addition to Florida checking in at No. 3 among draftee-producing states, Georgia was next at No. 4. The Peach State saw 14 of its former high school stars drafted.

How would you like to compete in the same division with two programs (Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs) whose home states rank among the top five nationally in terms of producing NFL-caliber talent? That's the task facing Tennessee's Phillip Fulmer, South Carolina's Steve Spurrier, Kentucky's Rich Brooks and Vanderbilt's Bobby Johnson.

You're probably wondering: How many NFL draftees attended Tennessee high schools? I don't know. The folks at only listed the top seven states.

I did a little research and discovered this much, though: Of the 37 SEC players selected in the 2006 draft, NONE graduated from a Tennessee high school.

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