A Majors on UT's Horizon?

If Thomas Majors' name didn't get the immediate attention of Tennessee's coaches assembled at the annual senior camp in Knoxville last weekend, the Nashville Maplewood senior linebacker's game and athletic acumen surely did.

The 6-foot, 220-pound Music City native was a veritable hit parade last season for the Panthers, compiling over 100 tackles last season despite suffering a high ankle sprain that cost him significant playing time.

"I think I did well," Majors said of his junior season. "I was out a few games with a high ankle sprain. As far as everything else I think I did pretty well. I had good stats even missing games. We went 8-3 and got into the playoffs."

Majors, who will be a four-year starter at linebacker this fall, had a couple of standout games last season in which he posted some imposing numbers.

"My best games last year were probably against Hickman County and Tullahoma," he stated. "In the Tullahoma game, I came out with 18 tackles and one sack. In the Hickman County game, I had 20 tackles. I had about four sacks last year and I had several forced fumbles. I'm always trying to strip the ball or knock it loose."

Majors' accomplishments at linebacker are all the more impressive in light of the fact he also started on offense.

"I played fullback in the I-formation," he said. "I didn't carry the ball much. I mostly blocked. I know defense is where I want to play. I'm not really too fond of fullback. I don't like offense that much, but linebacker is my position."

In addition to his years of experience playing linebacker, Majors has the instincts and strength to be a real run stopper in the middle. He bench presses 305 pounds, squats 500, power cleans 275 and dead lifts 575.

"The way I attack the run is my strength," he said. "I'm good at breaking on the ball and I can shut down the run. I think I've got a little bit of work to do as far as pass coverage."

Majors is still waiting to get his first scholarship offer, but that doesn't mean he's sitting still."

"Right now, UT, Memphis, Louisville and Auburn are the schools I'm looking at," he said. "I've been to camp at Memphis and I also went to camp at MTSU and then Tennessee on Saturday."

If Majors has as good a showing at other camps as he had at UT last week, it's only a matter of time before the offers start pouring in.

"I ran a 4.63 on Saturday," he said of his time in the forty. "I've run faster before. The coaches pulled me to the side and talked to me about different stuff. They told me they really expected me to be a part of their team next season after all the recruiting. The coaches seemed like real cool people. I liked talking to them and working with them."

Any prospect with the nickname of "T-Majors" is probably destined to be a Volunteer.

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