Bryant the Giant

In a sport where size not only matters but is often the difference between victory and defeat, offensive lineman Kevin Bryant of Hallendale, Fla., may just be the most substantial prospect in the Class of 2007.

No, he doesn't have five stars beside his name, but at an imposing 6-foot-7, 375 pounds he has a frame that can block out the sun to say nothing of a star linebacker.

His attributes don't stop there because Bryant is every bit as strong as he is large. Furthermore, he has a mean streak on the gridiron that would make Dick Butkus break into an evil grin. Kevin Bryant is not currently ranked among the top 25 players at his position nationally, but he could probably power clean any prospect ranked ahead of him.

"I have the size but a lot of guys are big and can't get out of their own way," he told's Mike Bakas. "I'm aggressive too. I play O-Line with a defensive mentality. I go hard. I'm real determined and I really stay focused on blocking until the play is over.

"The thing I like best about playing on the line is being nasty. I get to take out all my anger and frustration and leave it all on the field."

Bryant played well on both sides of the ball at Hallendale High School, but he suffered from a lack of support as the team only won one game in his two-plus seasons there. That led to his decision to transfer to another school for his senior season. His most likely destination is Boyd Anderson High School where he won help form a formidable front five that already features a pair of offensive lineman (Jaron Odom and Branden Curry) that tip the scales at 320-plus.

In the meantime, Bryant is circulating among the camp and combine circuit. He recently had an outstanding showing at a one-day camp in Miami.

"I gotta get back on the map," Bryant told Bakas. "That performance helped me. There was a kid from New Jersey (Anthony Davis) who was 5-stars or whatever and he was all right. I got a chance to compete against him. Your boy (Jabaal Sheard) did him a couple times. I don't think he sees the type of competition we do every week up there in New Jersey. He's a good player though."

Bryant could be an impact freshman at the next level given his size, strength and disposition. He currently bench presses 515 pounds and performed a remarkable 39 reps of 185 pounds at a Nike Combine this spring.

"I live inside the weight room," Bryant said. "The tough thing is I've been working out by myself a lot. We've won one game in the last two years here and we don't do any lifting or conditioning or anything like that together as a team. It's hard to get motivated but I've been trying my best. I'm up to about 515 on the max on my bench. I did 39 reps at the Nike Camp at UM (Miami) on Sunday."

Bryant reports having received about 25 scholarship offers and list Florida, Georgia, LSU, Miami, Tennessee and USC as his favorites.

"Academics are No. 1," Bryant told's Grant Alexander. "Everything else, football and stuff, will take care of itself. The school I pick will have to make sure they have a nice tutoring program that can help me and I will need to study hard because education is the most important thing."

Bryant, who projects as a right tackle in college, reports having a 2.4 GPA. He took his SAT for the first time on June 3 and followed up by taking the ACT on June 11. He's awaiting the results.

Stay tuned for further updates on this larger than life talent.

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