Clinic for female fans?

While rummaging through the Internet in search of web notes, I found this gem: South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier will host the second annual Ladies Football Clinic Saturday, July 29 at the Colonial Center in Columbia.

Applications can be found at The cost is $40 per person. Checks should be made payable to Steve Spurrier's Ladies Clinic and should be mailed to Rita Ricard, USC Football Office, 1125 George Rogers Blvd., Columbia, SC, 29208. For more information call (803) 777-4271.

As I read this item, I wondered why Volunteer head coach Phillip Fulmer isn't hosting a summer clinic to teach the game's finer points to Tennessee's female fans. Then I realized the answer:

With the Big Orange coming off a 5-6 season, critics would grumble that Fulmer needs to teach the game's finer points to his players first.

Oh, well. Maybe next year.

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