Peyton's place

Three of four experts at chose to omit Tennessee's Peyton Manning when selecting the NCAA's top 10 quarterbacks of all time. Only Richard Cirminiello lists the ex-Vol, now with the NFL's Indianapolis Colts.

Cirminiello ranks Manning No. 5 on his all-time list and has to say about him:

"Peyton Manning, Tennessee (1994-97) – Had he beaten Florida and won a national championship in his career, Manning would be a right-handed Matt Leinart. Still, he lost just six times as a four-year starter and shattered 42 NCAA, league and school marks, en route to staking his claim to being the best pure passer the SEC has ever seen."

While Cirminiello was praising Manning, cohorts Pete Fiutak Matthew Zemek and John Harris were overlooking him. Fiutak explained his decision to pass over the ex-Vol in these words:

"John Elway and Peyton Manning were among the greatest pro prospects of all-time, and you'd take either of them in a heartbeat to play on your college team, but they each won a fat load of jack squat. I know, I know, Manning won one, one SEC title and technically played in a national title game in the 1998 Orange Bowl, but going 0-4 against Florida and not playing in a true title game like we have now knocks him out compared to the others on my list."

Interestingly enough, Zemek mentioned a Manning but it wasn't Peyton. Zemek chose to divide his QB rankings into two categories – "Performers" and "Winners." The performers were known for their individual brilliance while the winners were guys who always managed to keep their team on top. Zemek listed former Ole Miss standout Archie Manning among the "Performers" on his list.

For what it's worth, Cirminiello's pick as the greatest college QB of all time was Southern Cal's Matt Leinart. Harris' pick was Boston College's Doug Flutie. Zemek and Fiutak chose Nebraska's Tommie Frazier.

As with all rankings, these are subjective and arbitrary but quite engaging. To read the full story, go to and click on "Tuesday question."

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