Georgia spawns SEC stars

Florida clearly produces more Div. 1 football prospects than any other state in the Southeast. But if you're looking to sign All-Southeastern Conference players, the Peach State – not the Sunshine State – is where you need to recruit.

Based on a preseason poll of SEC Coaches, 17 players pegged first-, second- or third-team all-conference played their high school ball in Georgia. Moreover, seven first-team selections (three on offense, four on defense) hail from the Peach State.

Alabama produced 16 preseason all-league picks, including four first-teamers (two each on offense and defense). Florida spawned 13 All-SEC types but only two were first-team picks (both on defense).

After the Big Three, everyone else is flying economy class. Louisiana produced six All-SEC players, Arkansas five, Mississippi and South Carolina four each, Tennessee three and Kentucky two.

Of Tennessee's three all-conference picks, two are playing for Ole Miss – first-team linebacker Patrick Willis of Bruceton and third-team offensive lineman Michael Oher of Memphis. The only Volunteer State native who represents UT on the all-league roster is first-team defensive tackle Justin Harrell of Martin.

Interestingly enough, nearly all of the honorees hail from the nine SEC states. Only three players from non-SEC states were among the 39 first-, second- and third-team defenders. They are third-team tackle Turk McBride of Tennessee (Camden, N.J.), third-team linebacker Jonathan Goff of Vanderbilt (Lynn, Mass.) and third-team linebacker Karibi Dede of Auburn (Woodbridge, Va.).

In addition, only four athletes from non-SEC states were among the 38 offensive players selected. They are first-team lineman Daniel Inman of Georgia (Hope Mills, N.C.), first-team quarterback Chris Leak of Florida (Charlotte, N.C.), second-team tailback Arian Foster of Tennessee (San Diego) and third-team lineman Robert Felton of Arkansas (Houston, Texas).

Here's the state-by-state breakdown, with the total All-SEC picks in parenthesis:

GEORGIA (17): 3 first-team offense, 1 second-team, 2 third-team … 4 first-team defense, 2 second-team, 5 third-team.

ALABAMA (16): 2 first-team offense, 5 second-team, 4 third-team … 2 first-team defense, 1 second-team, 2 third-team.

FLORIDA (13): 0 first-team offense, 4 second-team, 2 third-team … 2 first-team defense, 4 second-team, 1 third-team.

LOUISIANA (6): 0 first-team offense, 2 second-team, 0 third-team … 1 first-team defense, 2 second-team, 1 third-team.

ARKANSAS (5): 1 first-team offense, 0 second-team, 1 third-team … 0 first-team defense, 1 second-team, 2 third-team.

MISSISSIPPI (4): 2 first-team offense, 0 second-team, 0 third-team … 1 first-team defense, 1 second-team, 0 third-team.

SOUTH CAROLINA (4): 1 first-team offense, 1 second-team, 0 third-team … 0 first-team defense, 2 second-team, 0 third-team.

TENNESSEE (3): 0 first-team offense, 0 second-team, 1 third-team … 2 first-team defense, 0 second-team, 0 third-team.

KENTUCKY (2): 0 first-team offense, 1 second-team, 1 third-team … 0 on defense

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