UT to score points in bunches?

Tennessee's football team averaged a paltry 18.6 points per game last fall. Thanks to the arrival of new offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe, however, several Vols think points will be plentiful this fall.

Asked how 2006 will be different than 2005, senior receiver Jayson Swain replied:

"I think there's going to be a bunch of points on the board, to be honest. I think we're going to have fun. I think we're in tremendous shape. I think we're going to be excited about the game plan.

"I know we're excited about the coaching bringing energy. We're just excited about being able to use our God-given talents to the highest level, using our talents the way they need to be used."

Junior quarterback Erik Ainge believes the 2006 offense will achieve great things in time.

"I think this offense is capable of being as good as anybody," he says. "Saying that after being 5-6 is a pretty bold statement but there's no one in the country that practices with as much tempo and sense of urgency as we do.

"We had 737 scrimmage snaps in the spring. Find me another D-1 school that had 737 live scrimmage snaps in spring practice. I think that's an attitude Coach Cutcliffe has brought to this offense and defense because the defense goes on the pace of the offense.

"It's just boom, boom, boom, play, play, play. They don't have time to breathe and we don't have time to breathe. We're just out there butting heads. That livens the whole football team up, and I think that's going to help us out a lot."

Cutcliffe has contributed to this rampant optimism by suggesting the 2006 Vols will average 30 points per game.

"That's exciting," Ainge says. "Every time Coach Cutcliffe gets up, gets fired up and starts giving a Coach Cut speech, everybody's up on the edge of their seat listening. Everyone knows what he's done."

What Cutcliffe has done is fashion high-scoring offenses around star quarterbacks like Heath Shuler, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.

"Coach Cut says he didn't come back to Tennessee to get his guru card," Ainge notes. "People who know Coach Cutcliffe know what he's doing. It's not a debate. Coach Cutcliffe came back to do what we need to do to win every football game we play.

"We have this offensive philosophy and mission statement. At the end it says, ‘Find a way to win.' That's what it's all about."

Like Ainge, Swain believes strongly in Cutcliffe. Swain also has plenty of faith in new receivers coach Trooper Taylor.

"We've got complete confidence in Trooper and Coach Cut," Swain says. "A lot of guys are in the boat because we've got complete confidence in what those guys are going to do – in the staff meetings and drawing up game plans and stuff like that."

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