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These are the chat transcripts from our first live chat event of the season. For those that can make it, please join us on Thursdays at 9pm eastern. Chat transcripts will be provided the following day for anyone who can't make it.

JimmyHyams -- Hello guys
JimmyHyams -- Randy, what will UT's first play be?
Juan73 -- Chuck thanks for getting these chats started and to Jimmy, Randy, et al for participating
volwillie -- Howdy
RandyMoore -- Jimmy, I think it's a handoff to Foster running behind Arron Sears. How's that for creative?
volwillie -- What about EA's 1st pass, what kind to establish confidence?
RandyMoore -- Quick screen to Meachem.
JimmyHyams -- Randy: That was my call -- Foster off LT
RandyMoore -- Brilliant minds think alike, I guess ...
JimmyHyams -- Ainge's first pass will be intermediate out to Meachem or screen to foster
volwillie -- Wonder if Tedford is looking for that off tackle play too.
RandyMoore -- Nah, Tedford would never think of giving the ball to your best back running behind your best blocker.
JimmyHyams -- Wonder how much UT picks on new CB randy (no relation to ted) bundy
RandyMoore -- About as much as John Mark Karr got picked on as a kid, I'd guess.
VolJohn -- Sorry Randy....stepped away for a minute. I'm doing's almost "Football Time in Tennessee"!!!
volwillie -- OK, lets get to the meaty stuff. Does Crompton play?
volwillie, I've said IF Tennessee loses, fans won't be as upset if offense scores 27 as opposed to 7 or 10. Would you agree?
RandyMoore -- Yep, T-minus 45 hours and counting to kickoff
volwillie -- Yep
RandyMoore -- I don't think Crompton plays unless Ainge really ... REALLY ... struggles. I'd save Crompton for Air Force
JimmyHyams -- if Crompton plays, that's a bad sign for UT offense. Of course, Crompton might come in and play very well.
Juan73 -- Crompton might play if we blow out the Bears :-)
JimmyHyams -- Anyone see how the defensive battle between SC-Miss State
volwillie -- Is it still 3-0?
RandyMoore -- Yeah, I've been watching it. I keep think I'm watching last year's UT-Alabama game.
JimmyHyams --
Juan73, I'd be shocked if UT blows out Bears. I do think it'll take at least 27 points to win
VolJohn -- Living in Nashville, I can't believe I'm saying this but.......Hail to the victors, hail to the conquering heros!!!! Beat the holy crap out of the common __hores !!!!
Juan73 -- Me too Jimmy which is why the smiley face at the end. This is gonna be a tough opener
RandyMoore -- Hey, John, what's the feeling in Nashville about the Dores having to open at The Big House?
JimmyHyams -- I'll be curious to see how much different Cal offense is as opposed to last year with an immobile Longshore at QB
VolJohn -- I try to avoid it's a lifelong problem!!!! The media is making a big deal about the trip.
BHMVOLFAN -- any idea if our OL is jelling?
VolJohn -- But you know how you guys are!!!
JimmyHyams -- No idea if OL is jelling. But I think that is biggest key of game for UT. If OL plays well, offense will play well
RandyMoore -- O-line faces a stiff challenge right out of the box. Cal's D-line may be as good as any the Vols face.
JimmyHyams -- How about this line for Ainge: 13 of 24, 180 yds, 2 TDs, 0 int. Would you take that?
VolJohn -- there any more depth there than Fulmer aludes to?
volwillie -- Any chance UT is quicker that Cal?
BHMVOLFAN -- I think we will need more than that
RandyMoore -- I'd take it. Ainge would take it. Fulmer would take it. Cutcliffe would take it.
vols01 -- will coker get in game
Juan73 -- I would take it too with about 200 yard rushing and a couple more TDs
JimmyHyams -- Not really, Foster and parker at RG, Frogg and mcneil at center, with Steven Jones as backup tackle. That's about it. I think McClendon will eventually be a big contributor, but not in opener
vols01 -- coker
JimmyHyams -- yes, i think coker plays
RandyMoore -- I think Coker plays a little. Foster and Hardesty play a lot.
vols01 -- why hardesty over coker
volwillie -- Is Hardesty FULLY recovered?
JimmyHyams -- One thing about Cal defense, it allowed almost 360 yards per game and gave up 600 last year to Washinton State and about 45o to BYU. Even though they have a lot of all pac - 10 players, I'm not sure how good Cal defense is
Juan73 -- Hardesty is proven and seems ahead on all the depth charts and is supposed to be 100%
RandyMoore -- Hardesty is a better between-the-tackles runner. Coker does a little too much dancing to suit Fulmer.
JimmyHyams -- I don't think Hardesty is 100% -- more like 85-90% -- I think
volwillie -- As long as he's dancing in the endzone CPF shouldn't care.
vols01 -- like to see coker in an open field
Juan73 -- If Hardesty is at 85-90%, isn't that what Foster was for the last couple of games last year?
RandyMoore -- Those holes close quickly. If Coker will hit them faster he'll be a very good back I believe.
BHMVOLFAN -- I don't know about you guys but this is the first time in years I don't have a CLUE what kind of team we have.
JimmyHyams --
Juan73, that's about right, but it was against weaker defenses
RandyMoore -- I'd say Foster was more like 70-75 percent the last few games of '05.
Juan73 -- Gotcha
vols01 -- what ahout crompton, how is he looking
JimmyHyams --
BHMVOLFAN, I'm with you. After last year, who knows. I wouldn't be surprised with anything from 6 to 9 wins.
RandyMoore -- I thought Crompton looked very good in the scrimmages. He has an accurate arm and is hard to tackle, although he's not particularly fast.
JimmyHyams -- crompton looked good in the scrimmages i saw. good arm, good presence, better scrambler than ainge
vols01 -- moore u mean reaction time or foot speed
RandyMoore -- Foot speed. He seems to react very well.
RandyMoore -- Kid for Miss. State just dropped a pass wide open at the S.Carolina 6-yard line.
vols01 -- i think the season rides on the shoulders of the o-line
BHMVOLFAN -- later guys...Randy, Jimmy, Jeffery, thanks for the articles on RTN! later
volwillie -- EA's composure and confidence concern me.
JimmyHyams -- I think OL is the key to season, as well. takes heat of ainge and provides running attack
RandyMoore -- Willie, I just posted a story on EA's confidence a few minutes before the chat room began. It's worth a look , I think.
Juan73 -- What fallout, or impact, if any are you hearing about the large number of 2006 signees that did not make it to campus (Pope, Lee Smith, etc)? Besides the senior class will be small in 4 years.
JimmyHyams -- Randy, do you think Ainge is really confident, or just saying the right things
JimmyHyams -- Lot of negative reaction from our sports talk callers.
RandyMoore -- I didn't ask Erik about his confidence. What can he say but , "Yeah, I'm really confident." I asked Fulmer and Cutcliffe, instead. They were cautiously optimistic.
vols01 -- is basketball talk a taboo but ramar smith was a huge get for the basketball team
RandyMoore -- Basketball talk is welcomed. Everything seems to be coming up roses for Pearl, including Ramar Smith's enrollment.
JimmyHyams -- here's the deal, if they can get 3-4 academically eligible later, and if 10-12 become starters, that's a good year. but counting on 10-12 starters out of 14, well, chances of that are slim and none
volwillie -- Maybe JCs will play a role
RandyMoore -- The upside, Jimmy, is that UT can give those scholarships to six or seven walk-ons with high GPAs and boost UT's APR.
vols01 -- our young linebackers going to hold up
RandyMoore -- I think the young 'backers will be outstanding in time. I just don't think that time will arrive by Saturday.
JimmyHyams -- I found it interesting that Fulmer and Cut said they were ``anxious'' to see what ainge could do
JimmyHyams -- maybe peral should be put in charge of getting ut football players thru the clearinghouse
RandyMoore -- yeah, but they used the word "anxious" about a dozen times each. They said they were anxious for the season to start, when the actually mean "eager" for the season to start.
vols01 -- game sat is huge to sucess of season
JimmyHyams --
vols01, i really like UT's young lbs, but i think they'll make some early mistakes in play recognition against cal, which could lead to some big plays
privateneyland -- ainge just has to be flat-out productive and there's no way around that.
RandyMoore --
vols01, I think this is a big opener but I think UT could play well, lose, and still go 9-3 or even 10-2.
vols01 -- mccoy is going to be special
RandyMoore -- McCoy is really fun to watch ... flies to the ball and hits like a sledgehammer.
volwillie -- Lets hope he puts one on Lynch.
vols01 -- who is playing middle lb
JimmyHyams -- randy, on the apr, i was told kids like lee smith, blake garretson and the non qualifiers don't count against ut because they never enrolled as full time students
RandyMoore -- Marvin Mitchell, backed by Ellix Wilson.
vols01 -- is concerned by our kicking game
JimmyHyams -- i agree that ainge has to be productive for ut to be good this year
RandyMoore -- That's my understanding, too. So you put a straight-A student like David Yancey on scholarship and that boosts your APR when he graduates.
JimmyHyams -- good point
VolJohn -- Isnt Yancey in something like nuclear engineering??
JimmyHyams --
vols01, i think wilhoit and colquitt will be real good. i also think return game will be much better -- can't be much worse
RandyMoore -- Yes. David Yancey arrived at UT on an academic scholarship. He is a very, very bright young man.
privateneyland -- a major concern i had last year is still there-we're going with a young guy as punt returner who has never caught a punt in a game. can rogers take a big hit?
VolJohn -- He obviously never found the strip or Gatlinburg like I did!!!! At least that's what my Dad still says was my problem.....
RandyMoore -- I expressed that very concern to Fulmer, private, and he said Rogers showed very good hands in preseason drills. Hefney, you may recall, has had the drops from time to time.
vols01 -- iam concerned can we make a pressure field goal
volwillie -- Lets hope he plays more like Roy than Mister.
JimmyHyams -- i think wilhoit can make pressure kicks
RandyMoore -- He plays receiver like Mister Rogers, catching everything in the neighborhood.
JimmyHyams -- hard to believe, but hefney averaged 11.5 yards on punt returns last year. he's got some wiggle, but he's not reliable on decision making and catching it
volwillie -- Morely gonna start?
JimmyHyams -- a. stewart is scheduled to start
RandyMoore -- I saw Rogers pop one for 60 yards in a scrimmage. He looks like he has the instincts to be a good punt return man.
JimmyHyams -- morley will be one of KOR men
volwillie -- Is Hancock as good as he performed in scrimmages?
privateneyland -- i love hefney-i think he would get through that-but it's maybe it's asking him to do a bit too much.
RandyMoore -- I believe Hancock is a natural pass catcher. My understanding is that his blocking isn't up to snuff.
vols01 -- no recruiting talk tonite
RandyMoore -- yeah, Fulmer doesn't want Hefney playing every snap at safety AND fielding punts. That's asking a lot.
vols01 -- tell me donald is all vol
RandyMoore -- This reminds me of some of my dates ... dead silence.
JimmyHyams -- UT will have to fight hard for donald and harrison smith. ND making a push for both
JefferyStewart -- If Donald was making a decision today it might be Notre Dame from what I understand
privateneyland -- interesting to see how the running back recruits paly out=lot of guys out there and nobody is wants to pull the trigger.
JimmyHyams -- I like hancock a lot, even though some of his success was against 2nd and 3rd teamers. Cutcliffe said hancock was consistently productive in practice as well
JefferyStewart -- A lot of the back are waiting to see how good UT's depth chart looks this fall since Coker and Hardesty are unknowns.
RandyMoore -- South Carolina leads Miss. State 3-0 at halftime. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
JimmyHyams -- guys, watch for this from cal defense. x-vol charles davis said cal likes to rush 3 and drop 8 in coverage, yet UT coaches talked about how cal likes to bring it. I'll be curious to see cal's approach on ainge
JimmyHyams -- wouldn't you blitz the heck out of ainge and see if wrs can beat press coverage rather that drop 8 to shut off passing lanes?
privateneyland -- personally, i think we beat the stuffing out of carolina this year.
volwillie -- Does Jon come in if Cal leads 14-0?
JefferyStewart -- They'll force Ainge to make pre-snap reads then probably rush three with one or two blitzers.
RandyMoore -- Given the lack of poise Ainge showed last year, I'd pin my ears back and go after him until he forced me to stop.
JimmyHyams -- depends on when cal has 14-0 lead and if ainge is prime reason offense is ineffective
vols01 -- how much impact has cutcliffe made on offense
VolJohn -- Looking ahead....but given that Harrell & McBride are both much of a look are the Vols getting from DT recruits?? Any JC DTs that see a chance for playing time here??
JimmyHyams -- we'll soon find out. i do think offense will be much better than a year ago, and will average 7-10 more points than a year ago
RandyMoore --
vols01, I think Cutcliffe has the offense more disciplined, tougher and more focused. The players still have to execute, though.
vols01 -- if we averaged that last year results would have been lot better.
privateneyland -- i'm gonna say that cutcliffe is going to come out throwing early and often-and it will be very high percentage type plays.
JimmyHyams -- isn't the offense prepared, focused and ready? isn't that the slogan
JimmyHyams --
vols01, if vols averaged 24 last year, they win 8 or 9.
VolJohn -- Just don't pass another bridal boquet !!!
vols01 -- agree, jimmy
vols01 -- we beat sc, ala, and vandy for sure
JimmyHyams -- that's right
volwillie -- Should have beaten them anyway
JimmyHyams -- you think either SC or Miss State will reach double digits tonight?
vols01 -- agree willie
RandyMoore -- I think the ol' ball coach makes some adjustments and puts up 17 points in the second half.
volwillie -- What was the over/under on that game? rockytopnbama -- Hey guys.... GO VOLS
JimmyHyams -- nine
volwillie -- Back to Ramar, is Slive a concern now that clearinghouse has ruled?
vols01 -- was away for few mins-gut on donald vol or not
JimmyHyams -- i don't think so. I think ramar is safe
JimmyHyams -- I think slive makes those rulings in advance -- he certainly had enough time to review this one
JefferyStewart -- Notre Dame believes they lead on Donald right now. February might be another matter though.
vols01 -- we need donald hope we get him
JefferyStewart -- He was realy impressed when he and his parents spent the weekend in South Bend.
JimmyHyams -- Donald and Harrison Smith are 2 keys to class. would help to get eric berry, too
vols01 -- what u hearing on berry
JefferyStewart -- I think Rae Sykes is another big get.
JimmyHyams -- agreed, you think vols get him
volwillie -- Garner is all over Berry say local papers here in Atlanta
JimmyHyams -- by the way, im told sykes likely won't qualify
JefferyStewart -- LSU is real strong with Sykes but academics could be a problem
GridOrange -- I went to the Maryville Alcoa game. Sykes was neutralized by the Rebels
JefferyStewart -- You take him even as a sign and place.
privateneyland -- i have to say, this is a fascinating class so far.
GridOrange -- They didn't run to his side and they double teamed him.
VolJohn -- What about DT prospects? Who do you think we have a good shot at??
GridOrange -- On in on a handful of tackles.
JefferyStewart -- Sykes is a true speed rusher and there aren't a lot of those around,
GridOrange -- The Maryville prospects were more impressive to me.
JefferyStewart -- Austin is the big prize in the D-line and UT will probably get an official from him. utnuts -- Yikes, SC just ran a fake punt for a first down!!
GridOrange -- They came into a big game and played well.
JefferyStewart -- With Spurrier it's all about the smoke and mirrors.
GridOrange -- Maples had nifty long TD before the end of the half in which he made several moves.
JimmyHyams -- I think SC got lucky, punter saw he was about to get it blocked and ran for FD
GridOrange -- Plus he setup their other score. He moves well and takes the ball North and South.
VolJohn -- Any others Jeffery??
GridOrange -- Aaron Douglas had a key grab to seal the victory.
GridOrange -- Kyrus Lanxter looked good on about a 60yd td for Alcoa.
volwillie -- See you guys next week, hope we have a lot of positive things to discuss.
GridOrange -- Plus they had a couple of Jrs Sommers and Hodge that really looked sharp.
JefferyStewart -- Most of the big names at DT are off the board. they are recruiting a JC DT from Mississippi and several smaller names in Georgia, Louisinana and Florida.
GridOrange -- Jeffery. I got good pix of all of the above if you need them for any stories
RandyMoore -- It's been fun, guys. I'll see you later.
JefferyStewart -- Great I'm sure we will. I found a real good shot of Smith recently that we can use also
VolJohn -- Thanks for the uplifting news Jeffery:) To me that's the most critical position left to fill in this class
JefferyStewart -- I think O-line is big this year too
JimmyHyams -- have a great night, guys
privateneyland -- thanks all
Juan73 -- See ya'll next week. Thanks to all
VolJohn -- I agree....but we haven't recruited true DTs well recently and I worry about coming up short there
vols01 -- later guys, go vols
JefferyStewart -- Bolden, Williams and Mapu gives them good base front
VolJohn -- We just need for Bolden and Williams to step up. I'm not too worried about Mapu once he gets back into shape
JefferyStewart -- they'll be fine they just need to up the intensity level.
VolJohn -- Got to go...thanks Jeffery and Jimmy!!! Remember to pay these prices and please pay NO MORE !!!!! Oh wait....yall are at the buffett in the press box....

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