Vols lacking in 'blabbermouths'

Although this year's Vol football players seem to be a relatively quiet bunch, defensive tackle Rashad Moore says that doesn't indicate there's a shortage of leaders.

"There's enough leadership,'' he says. ''It's not about people talking. That's what y'all (media) fail to realize. We don't have no blabbermouths on this team. We don't have people running their mouths, saying, 'We need to do this. We need to do that.'

''Just follow, man. If you follow somebody who's older than you, there's a 90-percent chance that they're doing it right. If they follow me, they're going to do it right because I'm going to bust my ass every time out there.''

So, who are this year's leaders?

Quarterback Casey Clausen is sure to fill a leadership role — partly because of his position and partly because of his outspoken nature. Fullback Troy Fleming has some leadership skills, as do tight end Jason Witten and several offensive linemen.

Defensively, the leaders are a little tougher to identify. Two years as a starter at free safety has earned Rashad Baker the respect of his teammates. Eddie Moore has exerted some leadership as an outside linebacker, as well. Rashad Moore looms as a leader, too. He isn't afraid to speak his mind.

''I feel I'm the type of person that somebody will listen to,'' he said. ''If they listen to me, I can't do nothing but be myself and lead 'em in the right direction. That's something I try to do.''

Still, Moore is no Al Wilson. He'd prefer to lead by his actions, rather than by his words.

''I'm not big on talking,'' he said. ''That's why I'm out here every day running, getting myself in shape, so I can show a person instead of having to tell a man, 'Come on, we need you to do this.' Just follow me. I don't need to tell you nothing. Just do what I do, and you'll be all right.''

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