The new guys practice under the lights

Tennessee practiced the freshman again on Tuesday in the indoor practice facility. There was one guy that ventured outside. His performance was almost unbelievable.

As the freshman started to go through drills tonight, I saw a couple of guys wander outside. The couple of guys were special teams coach Shane Beamer and freshman kicker James Wilhoit. I must admit that I spent more time watching James kick the ball than I intended. Wilhoit's only duties tonight were to practice his punts. He performed that duty very well.

James punted the ball 60 plus yards on a few kicks and consistently in the high 50s. To say I was impressed is putting it very lightly. I believe that with Wilhoit, Dustin Colquit, Phil Neuman and Alex Walls, Tennessee will be just fine in the kicking game in 2002.

Some other notable from the defensive night practice; Junior Riggs showed a good ability to play defensive back, but lets hope it doesn't come to that. James Banks was very good in the few minor passing defense drills they worked on. Parys Haralson has the size to play defensive end this year if need arises.

The freshman will do the same procedure tomorrow as they went through today. Inside Tennessee will have those reports for you tomorrow.

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