Finish: Wednesday's afternoon practice report

The term for the new freshman on Wednesday was very appropriate for Tennessee football as a whole, Finish.

The day went off without a hitch. The Tennessee coaches ran the guys through basically the same schedule as they did on Tuesday. The one hour session was devoted strictly to offense as was Tuesdays afternoon season. At the end of practice there was some work on the kicking game.

There were a few individual highlights that I noticed. James Banks seems to be settling into the roll of throwing the ball to his new targets. On Tuesday he was moving around very well, but was not as accurate as the coaches would have probably liked to have seen out of him. Banks also caught some punts from James Wilhoit and didn't have any problems handling the ball.

Chris Hannon, running a one-on-one drill as a receiver, went against Omar Gaither, who was the defender. On that play the ball went off Hannon's hands and Gaither scooped it out of the air for a pretty interception. Before Hannon could feel bad for himself, he had to go up against speedster Johnathan Wade. On that play Hannon made a beautiful swing to knock the ball out of Wade's hands on a deep fly pattern at the last moment.

Gaither seems to be emerging as an early leader among the freshman class. He is very vocal with his fellow classmates.

Parys Haralson looks like he possesses the ability to play tight end should injury strike the Vols at that position. The coaches haven't locked Haralson in as a defensive end or linebacker, but he looks like he could probably do both.

The offensive linemen looked sharper running against dummies. Cody Douglas and Brandon Jefferies were wearing braces on both knees to help keep them stabilized during drills. Both guys are probably only one snap away from being in the regular rotation.

The Vols will practice again on Wednesday night at 8pm EST. IT will have report as soon as the session concludes.

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