Line subs may be a key

First-team offensive tackle Arron Sears and first-team guard Anthony Parker have been cleared to play for Tennessee tonight against Georgia. Still you wonder: What if their injuries keep them from playing the entire game?

That's where Chris Scott, Ramon Foster and Jacques McClendon figure into the equation. Scott is a 6-5, 325-pound redshirt freshman from Riverdale, Ga. Foster is a 6-6, 325-pound sophomore from Henning. McClendon is a 6-3, 325-pound true freshman from Chattanooga.

Whenever Sears needs a breather, Scott will be the guy to give him one.

"He played significant snaps against Memphis and played OK," Vol head coach Phillip Fulmer says. "He's a good young prospect – I emphasize the young part of it – because he's still learning a lot. Chris lost all that weight – probably 50 pounds – and he's a good technician but he's still working on his strength."

If Parker is limited by the after-effects of his injury, McClendon and Foster will be asked to pick up the slack.

"Jacques McClendon is continuing to make good progress," Fulmer notes. "I think Jacques is ready to see significant playing time for us. It's a tough duty to ask him to take on something like going to Georgia and playing against the best defense in the Southeastern Conference in a hostile environment, but that's where we are at this particular time. I think he'll take that challenge.

"He seems to be a guy that's kind of quiet, works hard, is very prideful in what he's doing. Physically, he's capable of being a good player. The thing about Jacques is, he's so physically strong. We can't claim much credit for that. He came in here physically strong. These last two weeks he's really jumped up to where you say he could play significant snaps in a game."

Like Sears and Parker, Foster has been battling injury problems in recent weeks. He has the versatility to play guard and tackle, however, so he could see action tonight if Sears and/or Parker can't go the distance.

"Ramon Foster has played some for us," Fulmer says. "He's missed a couple of weeks with an ankle injury. Hopefully, he'll be ready to go and play his best if we have guys who can't play."

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