Vols begin practice

The Vols practiced for the first time this morning on lower Hudson aka the baseball field. Practice was just short of 2 hours and all indications are that the Vols are eyeing some lofty goals.

Casey Clausen looked good today. Suffice it to say that Casey is Casey. He was guilty of throwing an interception but he threw a fade pattern for a TD today as well. CJ Leak has a cannon and his accuracy appeared improved over the spring. He looked good on passes across the middle and on some long balls. James Banks has good mobility and threw some crisp passes today.

Kelley Washington was of course wearing a green jersey and didn't see any fierce opposition today. He just has to be himself this year and with a bevy of capable counterparts, Kelley will rack up the yards. CJ Fayton looked good today catching a TD from Clausen on a fade route into the end zone, avoiding double coverage. Jonathan Wade has an athletic build but on a shorter frame than many others in the receiving corps. Wade has an explosive first step that will leave defenders searching for answers.

Tight Ends:
Jason Witten is a hoss. He did very well today, dominating defenders particularly in welcoming freshman linebacker Marvin Mitchell. Witten played with a lot of attitude using his hands to displace defenders. Aaron Kirkland practiced at TE and really just went through the routes and focused on blocking. I did notice that Aaron stayed after practice for a good while passing with a trainer.

The Vols are stacked with talent at the running back position. Troy Fleming is a versatile blocker, runner and receiving threat. Jabari Davis could play either FB or TB if needed. He has the blocking ability for FB and the running ability for TB. RS Freshman Will Revill is a human fireplug. Ruben Mayes is a load with speed.

Jabari has the quicks for TB and was leading in the spring prior to an injury but the TB spot is open and other applicants include fellow sophomores Cedric Houston, Derrick Tinsley and Keldrick Williams. These three shared time at TB in 2001 and played on special teams in the latter part of the season. All are very much in the thick of it and offer a multitude of tools for the Vols arsenal. Highly touted Gerald Riggs Jr. is added to the 2002 mix and wants to play - don't say redshirt in front of Jr.

I didn't observe too much defense but Willie Miles answered questions about his return from injury by picking off Casey Clausen - stepping in at the goal line to steal the prize.

Recruiting front:
Greg Olsen and family were in attendance today during an unofficial visit for the first session and Greg was seen observing media day yesterday. Father and Greg were observing how a Tennessee practice is conducted. Little brother was playing with the tackling dummies and mother was watching from afar. The Vols are a strong contender and distance is not a factor according to mom. They just want "what is best for Greg" as any parent would.

Leonard Scott and Kelley Washington Jonathan Wade
Jabari Davis Gerald Riggs Jr.
Greg Olsen and family.

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