Wade has more than raw speed

Because he's a world-class sprinter from Louisiana, freshman Jonathan Wade automatically is compared to UT football teammate and fellow Bayou refugee Leonard Scott. But Wade may be a better fit for the gridiron than his senior teammate.

Whereas Scott's hands have been less than dependable, Wade seems more adept at catching the football. He also seems a little quicker out of his cuts and a little more elusive, whereas Scott tends to rely more on raw speed. Physically, Wade looks to be a tad more muscular than the lanky Scott. In short, Wade looks more like a football player with sprinter speed, whereas Scott looks more like a sprinter doubling in football.

Other notes from the morning workout:

* Sophomore tailback Cedric Houston looks trimmer and quicker than he did last fall. He seems to be hitting the holes much faster and changing directions much more fluidly. He and Jabari ''J-Train'' Davis continue to wage a fierce battle for the No. 1 tailback job.

* Justin Reed, moved to receiver after a doomed stint as a scholarship punting prospect, may provide some help at his new outpost. The 6-foot-6, 240-pound redshirt freshman runs fairly well and exhibits pretty good hands for a big man. He'd provide a big target when quarters are cramped inside the Orange Area. Someday, if he has the toughness, he might bulk up a bit and become a serviceable tight end.

* Jim Bob Cooter (don't you love that name?) got some work Tuesday morning with Vol quarterbacks. Cooter is a 6-foot, 205-pound walk-on from Fayetteville. UT has just three quarterbacks on scholarship — Casey Clausen, C.J. Leak and freshman James Banks. In a pinch, though, the Vols could call on receivers Kelley Washington and/or C.J. Fayton. Both played QB in high school.

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