Fulmer suspends three Vols

The three University of Tennessee football players arrested Sunday morning on charges of disorderly conduct and underage consumption have been issued suspensions ranging from one half to two full games.

The action is the result of an incident that occurred around 3 a.m. at Goodfella's Pizza.

Head coach Phillip Fulmer announced today that sophomore tailback Arian Foster will be suspended for the first half of the Arkansas game. Junior fullback David Holbert will be suspended for the entire Arkansas game. Redshirt freshman safety Antonio Wardlow will be suspended for the Arkansas and Vanderbilt games. The three also face internal discipline.

In a statement released by the university sports information department, Fulmer had this to say:

"This team has been really fun to coach and very responsive to us as coaches. When we have had issues of any type, we have dealt with them firmly and quickly and moved on. Our leadership and our discipline have grown throughout the year, and have been reflected in our efforts on and off the field.

"The three young men who were arrested let their teammates, coaches, administration and great fans down. Their behavior is an example we certainly remind them about, when immature male ego mixes with alcohol and stupidity.

"The three young men did not leave when they should have, when asked either by teammates or officers. Foster was trying to stop a silly and senseless argument between teammates, typical of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Holbert and Wardlow could have and should have avoided the confrontation. All of them were drinking.

"I greatly appreciate the response of our team and its leadership at Sunday night's team meeting to discuss this incident. The unity they showed, the desire to get to the truth, deal with the issue in an appropriate manner and move on to preparations for Arkansas and our remaining games ... this is a close-knit team and the immature and stupid actions of a few guys will not deter us from our goals."

UT also released statements from a couple of Vol seniors regarding Sunday night's meeting:

Defensive tackle Turk McBride:

"Coach Fulmer has constantly reminded us to put our best foot forward in representing ourselves, our team and our families. Our focus is on our education, our social growth as men and our team. Coach will deal with this and we will move on to prepare for Arkansas."

Offensive tackle Arron Sears:

"The immature behavior of a couple of guys is certainly not representative of our team's focus and energy to do the right things on and off the field."

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