Tuesday Evening Scrimmage Report

Coach Phillip Fulmer,"We elected captains before we came out here tonight. I am very proud of the three guys they picked. The team selected....."

The 2002 edition of the Tennessee Volunteers will be captained by MLB Eddie Moore, OT Will Ofenheusle and DE Omari Hand. Coach Fulmer was very pleased with the three selections that his team made. "All of these guys worked hard over the spring, summer and now the fall. They have set the tempo for our team and I expect they will continue to do so all season." Fulmer was not only verbally pleased, but it was also evident that he was truly happy with the three guys that will be the leaders this fall. Now on with the scrimmage business.

Casey Clausen had a great showing on Saturday in the full speed scrimmage. He did not have any letdowns tonight either. Clausen completed passes to Tony Brown(twice), Troy Fleming, Derrick Tinsley and Jomo Fagan in the opening series. The longest being a 26-yard hookup with Tony Brown that was brought back due to movement on the offensive line. Clausen looked very consistent and was able to communicate very well even with the speakers turned up to simulate crowd noise in Neyland Stadium.

In the second series the second team took the field. C.J. Leak started the series out very rough with some high throws to C.J. Fayton and Aaron Kirkland. Leak would rebound and make a great running pass to Fayton for 13 yards. Jabari Davis had 17 yards on 3 carries in the series. The big bump of the night came during the second series. Now take a deep breathe. Constantin Ritzmann went down with what appeared to be an injury to his right knee. He would walk off the field on his own power, but he did not come back on the field for the remainder of the night. "We really don't know what is going on with him(Ritzmann) until the trainers can sit down and evaluate him, but we obviously hope it is nothing serious," Coach Fulmer said. A serious injury to Ritzmann was the only blemish on a great scrimmage.

Leak and James Banks continued to improve as the scrimmage went on. Leak connected on a 60-yard touchdown pass to Rashad Baker in the lattar part of the scrimmage. Baker played around five series' at safety and then donned a green jersey to take some snaps at receiver. Baker and Mark Jones both got reps at receiver, but Baker seems more likely to see action at that position against Wyoming. Baker's athleticism clearly makes him one of the best pure athletes on the field, so it shouldn't shock Vol fans when number 16 runs onto the field in 10 days and makes his presence felt... on the offensive side of the ball that is.

Other Scrimmage Highlights:
*Gerald Riggs continued to be impressive, particularly catching the ball out of the backfield and breaking tackles. It will be very hard to keep Mr. Riggs off the field this year due to his great preseason performance.

*Wesley Holmes, fresh off a switch to defensive tackle, had back-to-back sacks on C.J. Leak. Holmes has been wrecking havoc inside and may have increased his playing time over the last 5 days.

*David Ligon and Jonathon Mapu both grabbed a pair of sacks on Banks. Mapu recovered a fumble that was bobbled by Leak. Both guys have performed very well and are probably the reason Holmes was moved to tackle. Look for Mapu and Ligon to see a good amount of reps as the season gets cranked up.

*Will Revill had a couple of nice receptions out of the backfield and then he steam-rolled Corey Larkins and Robert Boulware for a pair of 5 yard gains.

*James Wilhoit, Phil Neuman and Alex Walls all had rough outings tonight. All three performed very well last Thursday and Saturday, but appeared tired tonight. Neuman and Wilhoit were kicking about 90 percent of their kickoffs into the endzone. Definitely great news for all Vol fans.

*There were several guys who sat out the scrimmage. Here is a partial list of those:
Rashad Moore; sore left ankle
Jason Witten; precautionary
Robert Peace; heeling up shoulder
Steven Marsh; back problems
Chavis Smith; knee and ankle injury
Brandon Jefferies
Heath Benedict
Jonathan Wade

It is not known how long any of these guys will be out. Chavis Smith is the only player that is looking at a possibility of more than a week at this time. Trainers still have not been able to gauge what the prognosis is at this point with his knee and ankle. That should come in the next 2-3 days.

The Vols officially ended their two-a-days and will begin classes on Wednesday. There will be another scrimmage on Thursday and a kicking scrimmage on Saturday morning.

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