Wednesday Afternoon Practice Report

With only a couple of days until the opener against Wyoming the Volunteers appear ready for action.

"We need to play and get into our routine, I think we're ready to play," says Head Coach Phillip Fulmer. "The hard thing about an opening game is you're not real sure what you're going to get. We've got an advantage in some ways, a veteran quarterback and a veteran offensive group, but a disadvantage in some ways in we've got some young receivers," added Fulmer.

One of the receivers who isn't young, but is new to the offensive unit is Rashad Baker. Fulmer likes the sight of Baker lined up at wide receiver, too. "He gives us a chance to have a different look on offense," Fulmer said. Baker has been doing double duty at both free safety and wide receiver for the last two weeks of practice.

Mark Jones is another defensive back who has been splitting time between offense and defense. Fulmer acknowledged that Jones' and Baker's practice time with the offense could translate into some game time. "If they're taking them (repetitions) in practice you better be sure they're going to take them in the game."

Speaking of the defensive backs, the vaunted mustang package looks like its taking some shape. Gibril Wilson and Jones should be the first two DB's off the bench on Saturday. Wilson and Jones join Baker, Jabari Greer, Julian Battle, and Willie Miles. Fulmer will unveil an injury report on Thursday to the media.

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