Welcome to UT ... now sign here

Forty-seven prospects made official visits to the University of Tennessee campus during the 2006-07 football recruiting season. Incredibly, all but 15 of them eventually signed with the Volunteers.

"We used 47 visits to end up with our 32 guys," head coach Phillip Fulmer noted this week. "We used our time and our efforts in a very good manner."

The Vol coach figures signing 33 percent of your visitors is a good performance. This year's figure was a mind-boggling 68 percent. So, what was the key to such a hefty batting average?

"Making great decisions about who was really interested and timing the visits well," Fulmer said. "All of us are responsible for that but I'm not going to let our guys bring somebody in just to take a trip.

"Occasionally, if we think it's a long shot we might take a chance. But, for the most part, I want to be one of three (33 percent). I want to know enough about him to make that call, so he's not just coming in here for a good time."

Believe it or not, Tennessee could've signed even more of its 47 official visitors if not for NCAA rules limiting schools to 85 scholarship players at any one time.

As Fulmer noted: "There were a few at the end there that we had to say, 'We're going in a different direction,' because we didn't get the answer soon enough or academics or something."

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