Ever wonder what the view is like from a certain section of Tennessee's Neyland Stadium? Visit VirtualNeyland to see multiple views from every section, over 250 in all.

VirtualNeyland is an initiative to provide the necessary resources for Vol Fans to experience one of the worlds greatest venues in all of sports – all with a few simple mouse clicks.
To offer a more realistic perspective, photos were taken with – field markings in place, players on the field and fans in the stands. The focal point was the logo at the center of the field. When possible, attempts were made to show the Jumbotron giving a feel for the view of it as well.

Neyland Stadium has 38 seating sections on two levels, which encircle Shields-Watkins field. VirtualNeyland provides visitors with views from 5 seating levels in each section, 3 in the lower level and 2 in the upper level.

Visitors may select a particular view by clicking on an image map of the Neyland Stadium seating chart. This chart has been color-coded to indicate band, student and visitor seating at a glance.

When visitors make their selections, they are shown a medium sized photo of the approximate view from that seating section. However, a double-size image can quickly be rendered simply by clicking the photo, which is linked to the larger photo of that same view, in a higher resolution for greater detail.

A picture may be worth 1000 words but at VirtualNeyland no stone is left unturned. A complete text description of that section is displayed in a table below the photo. The text description includes details and comments about that section. Among them, are answers to questions like; Where is the aisle break or the last row? Where does the cover (if any) begin? What is the view of the Jumbotron like? Will you be sitting behind a tuba or will you need sunscreen? Plus much more…

VOLosity , a virtual game day experience and companion content area on GridScape, provides some delicious eye candy for the visitors of VirtualNeyland. Beside each perspective photo is a smaller photo taken from the VOLosity photo gallery. Over two dozen photos, displayed randomly, along with a brief description depict game day traditions and fan favorite pastimes.

Completing the VirtualNeyland experience, are some hidden treasures, commonly called Easter eggs in computer terms. Not only can one view the perspective from any of nearly 200 seating locations, but visitors can also click inside and outside the stadium for some special treats including additional photos, audio bytes and even video clips.

At VirtualNeyland, the grass is always green (except where it's painted Orange), the sky is always blue (except for those Orange sunsets) and the Vols are always wearing Orange (except… Well, they ARE always wearing Orange). So any time the urge for Orange strikes, remember there's "Nothing better except being there" than a visit to VirtualNeyland.

1 Man – with a vision.
2 Years – of taking photos.
6 Directories – of various file formats used.
8 Games – when photos were taken.
19 Disks – used to store the data.
33 Megabytes – of photos and html.
120 Hours – of time invested in preparing and editing.
900 Files – make up the largest Neyland Stadium resource on the net!
104,079 – is the stated seating capacity of Neyland Stadium.
1,000,000 – is the number of dollars it takes to run through the T.
0 – is the number of places I'd rather be on game day.

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