Little to say, much to prove

When you're 6-3 and 200 pounds, with quick feet, soft hands, excellent agility and terrific concentration, your actions can speak for you. Apparently, that will be the case for one highly regarded member of the University of Tennessee wide receiver corps.

Sophomore Quintin Hancock sometimes resembles the second coming of Carl Pickens. He is so tall, so talented, so fluid and so effortless in his movements that it seems he was born to catch passes. He starred in preseason drills last August only to have his rookie season hampered by injuries.

Now fully recovered, Hancock is coming off an excellent spring. He capped it by converting three receptions into 42 yards in the recent Orange & White game, including a scrimmage-best 25-yard gainer.

While Hancock might be the most dynamic pass catcher on the Vol roster, he also might be the least dynamic interview. The soft-spoken native of St. Augustine, Fla., has a lot of gifts, but the gift of gab isn't one of them.

Consider this recent interview:

Q: How do you think the offense performed this spring?

A: I thought we did OK. We could've made more big plays but I thought we did pretty good.

Q: What did you think of your performance this spring?

A: I think I had a pretty good spring. I just have to work hard in the summer and get ready for the season.

Q: What do the receivers need to work on this summer?

A: We've got to come in – all our wide receivers and quarterbacks – get our timing down and all that.

Q: What area of your game were you most proud of this spring?

A: Probably my blocking. I got better as a blocker.

Q: What's the next step you need to take to reach your potential?

A: I probably need to be more consistent ... keep practicing hard.

Q: What's the next step for the wide receivers as a group?

A: We just need to be more consistent. Then the big plays will come for us.

Q: How are the receivers coming along, as far as reading defenses and that sort of thing?

A: We do have to get better reading defensive backs. But I think we'll do all right. When the season comes we're going to be good.

Q: You talked about needing more consistency. In what way do you need to be more consistent?

A: Just make more big plays, I guess.

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