Houston's OK with time-share plan

After averaging 7.8 yards per carry in his first two collegiate starts, Cedric Houston might think he's too talented to split time at tailback. If sharing the carries with fellow sophomore Jabari Davis upsets him, though, he's keeping it to himself.

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''That don't bother me,'' he said. ''The coaches want a fresh guy in, so
that's OK with me.''

Both men run with both speed and power, Davis (6-0, 235) is a little
stronger and Houston (6-0, 215) is a little shiftier. They complement one
another well, and Houston recognizes that.

"I think we bring different looks to the game,'' he said. ''I think Jabari's
more downhill and I'm pretty good at making that first guy miss and getting
extra yardage.''

Naturally, Houston found his second collegiate start to be less
nerve-wracking than his first. Some of the jitters that plagued him in Game
1 were gone by Game 2.

''I was a little more relaxed,'' he said. ''Game by game I'm getting more
relaxed. I think I'm making good reads.''

Although head coach Phillip Fulmer said the backs got very little yardage on
their own in Game 2 vs. Middle Tennessee State, Houston felt the running
corps accomplished its mission.

''I think we're coming along,'' he said. ''(MTSU) was a tough day but we got
the hard yardage -- got the yardage we should've got -- so I feel good about

One thing he didn't feel good about was the fumble he lost at Middle
Tennessee's 42-yard line in the second quarter. The Blue Raiders drove to
UT's 2-yard line before losing a fumble that kept Houston from feeling even

"The one time I fumbled, our defense stopped 'em down by the end zone,'' he
recalled. "I went over and gave thanks to the guys for making the play."

Tennessee's overall offensive performance was pretty sloppy in Game 2. In
addition to two fumbles and an interception, the Vols sustained three
holding penalties, two false-start infractions and a costly personal foul
call. Houston knows the Big Orange can't afford that kind of performance in
Game 3.

''We've got to work on our mistakes,'' he said. ''We can't do that stuff
against Florida. As an offense, we didn't do near as good as we wanted to.
We wanted to dominate the game. We did a little bit but we weren't
consistent with it.''

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