You spoke ... we listened

Rocky Top News recently made several changes in its format for in-season football issues. These changes were aimed at getting the issues in your hands quicker, so we thought our readers would be pleased. <p> You weren't.

We thought you'd be satisfied with fewer pages per issue, since this would enable us to mail them first-class and get them to you sooner.

You weren't.

We thought you'd be OK with a return to the tabloid-size pages of RTN's earlier years.

You weren't.

We thought you'd be agreeable to black-and-white photo reproduction.

You weren't.

We thought you'd be so happy with the content that you would be adjusting to the new look after a couple of weeks.

You weren't.

So, beginning with this issue, RTN is going back to its previous format. Our aim has ALWAYS been to give our readers what they want. We thought, more than anything else, you wanted swifter delivery. That's why we changed formats. But, based on phone calls to our office, you want a full-color cover ... you want more pages ... you want color photos on selected inside pages. In short, you want things back the way they were last fall.

You've got it. Enjoy.

P.S. — Because we're returning to the thicker issues, we no longer can provide free first-class mailing on in-season football issues. Subscribers who experience frequent postal delays may secure first-class delivery by paying $13 (for the 12 in-season football issues) or $27 (for all 21 issues).

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