NFL stars can be idiots

Some people just don't get it. Like me, for instance. I don't understand how guys making millions of dollars playing football have so much trouble exhibiting the discipline and judgment of a 13-year-old.

The reference, of course, is to Pacman Jones of the Tennessee Titans and Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins. Both are capable of being National Football League stars, yet both continue to do stupid things that threaten to end their careers. If they don't straighten up soon, the NFL could be "Not For Long."

Williams, according to, recently tested positive for marijuana shortly after completing a one-year suspension for – you guessed it – a positive drug test. Last month's failure reportedly was his fifth since joining The League. Once considered a Hall-of-Fame talent, he has played in just 12 games since 2003.

This is a guy the Saints wanted so badly coming out of college that they traded all seven rounds of their draft picks for the right to select him. He could've been one of the NFL's all-time great running backs. Now, pushing 30 and pushing his luck, Williams may be reduced to finishing out his once-promising career in the Canadian Football League, where he spent last year.

Jones is even harder to figure. Since joining the Titans in 2005 he has been involved in five arrests and 10 "incidents" of an unsavory nature. The fact the flashy cornerback has no convictions on his record is more laughable than notable.

Earlier this year Pacman took out a full-page ad acknowledging his prior bad choices and promising to clean up his act. He hoped to peddle the same tale this week in a face-to-face meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who recently slapped him with a one-year suspension.

Four days before meeting with the commissioner, however, the newly repentant Jones was ticketed for speeding while driving without a license. Surprising? Not really. Chris Mortensen of reports that Pacman visited a strip club the night before his previous trip to the NFL office.

Thousands of kids grow up hoping to play pro football. Ricky Williams and Pacman Jones were lucky enough to live that dream. Now Williams' dream is going up in smoke (literally) and Jones' dream is turning into a nightmare … all because two grown men lack the judgment and discipline of a 13-year-old.

I just don't get it.

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