Fulmer doesn't miss Spurrier

During his tenure as head coach of the Florida Gators, Steve Spurrier took a lot of verbal shots at UT coach Phillip Fulmer. Today, Fulmer got a little revenge.

When asked at his weekly news conference if there is a different feel to the
Vol-Florida game now that Spurrier's gone, Fulmer wisecracked: ''It's not nearly as annoying.''

Questioned as to what was annoying about Spurrier, Fulmer replied: ''You figure it out. He was annoying.''

After a pause, the Vol coach added: ''If you put a microphone in front of him, he was annoying. Otherwise, he was a pretty good guy.''

Asked if a victory over Florida would be any less sweet now that Spurrier is gone, Fulmer shook his head emphatically.

''No,'' he said. ''It's a very important ballgame, regardless. That has nothing to do with this football game.''

After another pause, Fulmer quipped: ''Now, last year (34-32 Vol victory in
Gainesville) was sweet. But this would be sweet, too. We're hopeful to do well.''

Even with Spurrier gone, the Vol boss said he and his staff are preparing
for the Gator showdown the same as they have in the past.

''It's Florida ... they're talented ... they're well-coached,'' Fulmer said.
''The preparation hasn't changed. We're going about our business the best we
can. It's always been a huge game. They're in a little bit of a transition
themselves, and I'm sure as the season continues they will continue to
improve their execution ... like if someone took over here all of a

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