Fulmer on his alma mater

Some things go without saying ... which is why we never say them. But, every once in awhile, it's interesting to hear something you already knew put into words. Take Phillip Fulmer's feelings toward his alma mater, for instance.

Growing up in Winchester, Fulmer declined the chance to play for the legendary Bear Bryant at Alabama in order to represent his home-state University of Tennessee Vols. That began an association with the school that continues to this day.

On a recent episode of the "Head Coach" TV show aired on SportSouth, Tennessee's head football coach spoke warmly of the school he attended as an undergraduate and a grad student, also serving as a student coach, offensive line coach, offensive coordinator and – the past 14 years – head coach.

"The roots are very, very deep here for me at the University of Tennessee – going back to my playing days in the late '60s and early '70s, then as a graduate student for a bit, then back as an assistant coach in 1980," Phillip Fulmer told Head Coach creator and executive producer Doug Malousis. "I think, all told, something like 34 years of my life has been invested in this university.

"That's a lot of years (but I've) got some more years ahead of me (and I'm) looking forward to those."

After a brief pause, the Vol coach added:

"This is a special place."

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