Fulmer recalls 'angelic' event

Beating Florida State 23-16 in the Fiesta Bowl to win the 1998 national championship on Jan. 4, 1999 wasn't just a surreal experience for Tennessee head football coach Phillip Fulmer. It was a supernatural experience.

On a recent episode of the "Head Coach" television show, Phillip Fulmer confided that he felt the presence of his late father as he walked across the field to shake hands with Seminoles head man Bobby Bowden following that climactic victory.

"When I started to midfield to meet with Coach Bowden, it was a great feeling that we'd won the game," Fulmer recalled. "But, with all the flashing of the cameras and everything, it was the most surreal moment I've ever had in my life.

"I felt my father, who was a great fan. He died in 1989, so he never really saw me have a chance to be a head coach or anything. It was an eerie, eerie, almost angelic kind of a moment that I felt right there…. At that moment I felt his presence."

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