Monday Afternoon Practice Report

The Vols hit the practice field on Monday to try and fix problems that led to an embarassing performance in a 30-13 loss to the Florida Gators this past Saturday.

"We need to be hungry and humble." Those were Coach Fulmer's words on Monday afternoon following practice and they were very well said. Coach Fulmer was very involved in drills today.

On the defensive side of the ball, the tackling drills seemed to be endless. Defensive ends, tackles and secondary were broken down on how they were doing their drills too slow, no enough intensity or their technique was off. The drills were not much different than any other week, it was just that the intensity was turned up about ten notches.

Offensive coordinator Randy Sanders worked with Casey Clausen on getting the plays from the sideline to the field. Scott Wells and Clausen took a lot of snaps, but it is highly unlikely those two will ever have a day like this past Saturday. Coach Fulmer says he is planning to look into the change of footballs that was made for this season. This past summer, Clausen said that he liked the change. Fulmer said he plans on looking into the situation in the next few days to see if the new ball could have been part of the problem. The new ball has black threading on the seam laces. It is possible that could have contributed to the numerous fumbles against the Gators.

Karlton Neal and Cedric Houston did not dress out for practice. Houston pulled his left hamstring muscle on his first carry on Saturday. Cedric told me that his hamstring felt tight, but he thought he would be fine for this weekends' game with Rutgers.

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