Top Gunn

Playing football for the University of Tennessee Volunteers means a lot to many young men who grow up in the state of Tennessee. One can scarcely imagine what it would mean to young men who grow up in the city of Knoxville.

"It would be an honor," says C.J. Gunn, a 6-2, 188-pound receiver/cornerback from Bearden High School. "I grew up here and everything. It would make my family proud."

Gunn attended Tennessee's recent senior camp in hopes of catching some passes AND the attention of the Vol coaching staff. Whether he succeeded or not, he found the experience to be exceptionally rewarding.

"I liked it a lot," he said. "I liked how the drills were set up and stuff, especially when we lined up and did the clap drill."

Most of all, Gunn liked the Vol coach who worked with him and the other receiver prospects, the incredibly energetic Trooper Taylor.

"I liked his speeches in team drills," Gunn said. "He was great."

Gunn registered 40 tackles and two fumble recoveries en route to second-team all-region honors as a cornerback in 2006. He says he also caught 15 passes for "300-plus yards" on offense. Ultimately, he believes his college position will be receiver "because of my good hands and my route-running."

Gunn, who competes in the 400 meters for Bearden's track team, recalls clocking a 4.7 in the 40-yard dash at Tennessee's camp. It was the first time he was ever timed at that distance, he says.

Although he believes his size and agility are key attributes, Gunn suggests his dedication and work ethic are the strengths of his game.

"Just practice, practice, practice," he said. "You practice whenever you've got free time, even without your team."

Along that line, he says his hobbies are "just working out."

If things don't work out with Tennessee, Gunn wouldn't mind playing for another Southeastern Conference school. One, in particular, is of interest to him.

"I'm hoping to hear from LSU," he said.

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