Solving the fumbled-snap crisis

A couple of former Vol quarterbacks believe they have the answer to the fumbled snaps that helped derail Tennessee's offense in Saturday's 30-13 loss to Florida.

Essentially, quarterback Casey Clausen has a problem with premature

Heath Shuler, interviewed on a Vol Network post-game radio show Saturday
night, said a quarterback must ''ride the center'' when the ball is wet. In
other words, he must stay in his crouch a little longer to ensure that he
has a good grip on the ball before pulling away from the center. Because he
grew up in sunny California, Clausen hasn't had enough experience under
rainy conditions to recognize this, Shuler surmised.

Dewey Warren touched on the same theme during his sports call-in show today
(Monday), noting that Clausen was ''pulling out too early'' on the fumbled

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