Wednesday Afternoon Practice Report

Despite the rain hanging around all day, the Vols were right back at it on Wednesday afternoon. This was the last day for the team to practice at full speed in shoulder pads before Rutgers and they made ample use of their time.

The team seemed more upbeat on Wednesday afternoon than they have been during the last few days of practice. Coach Fulmer was pleased with today's practice performance by his team. "We had a good practice. Today is the day where we work on screens, draws and dropback passes." Fulmer has been working on the passing game much heavier this week than in the last month. If rain remains in the forecast for Saturday, that could dampen an effort to get more receivers involved in the gameplan.

The defense was hard-nosed in team drills today. The missed interception rule was in full effect today. To remind you, that is where if a defender misses a pick they must do twenty pushups. That includes ALL defenders. Linebacker Jason Mitchell missed a prime opportunity and he was made to go for the ground. The defense did have a good day of work. Keyon Whiteside picked off a pass from Casey Clausen in first team-on-team drills.

Troy Fleming missed practice today to attend a class. Karlton Neal was the only player to sit out of practice the last two days with a knee injury. On Wednesday he was back in the rotation. The Vols are fairly healthy going into the weekend and there should not be any lingering problems from the Florida game.

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