Tuesday Afternoon Practice Report

The Vols continued their practice for this Saturday's matchup with the Georgia Bulldogs. The big question continues to circle around the quarterback position. Will Casey Clausen be able to play or will the reins be handed to C.J. Leak?

When Coach Phillip Fulmer was asked about Leak's performance this afternoon, he seemed very upbeat. "C.J. did fine, did well actually," Coach Fulmer said. "Casey looked better so that was encouraging too." Fulmer has gotten both Leak and freshman James Banks plenty of reps in practice in the last two days. Coaches are hoping Clausen is ready to go, but it could be as late as gametime before they know for sure. "Oh sure it could be Saturday," Fulmer said. "We will want to give Casey plenty of time to see how he has progressed over the week." Clausen and Kelley Washington both did not participate in live-action drills again today. Washington has always shown to have a great arm and his ability to avoid being tackled has been shown many times. Washington as a quarterback is probably far-fetched at this point, although it shouldn't be ruled out completely. Fulmer said today that Cedric Houston and Alex Walls would not play this weekend. "Cedric is supposed to see the doctor tomorrow and he is supposed to get a small cast in place of the soft one he has now," the head man said. Walls is still healing from a hamstring injury and won't be available Saturday. Demetrin Veal now appears to be the starter at left defensive end opposite Omari Hand. That would leave the tackles as Rashad Moore and an Ed Kendrick/Aubrayo Franklin rotation. Mondre Dickerson will now be the first defensive end off of the bench on both sides.

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