Mistakes upsetting Sanders

Tennessee's offensive struggles have surprised a lot of people this fall, including Vol offensive coordinator Randy Sanders.

When asked what has surprised him most of all, Sanders answered without hesitation.

''The number of mistakes we've made,'' he said. ''We've made WAY too many mistakes -- whether it's the penalties, the turnovers versus Middle or the holding calls.''

Tennessee's uninspired play vs. Middle Tennessee State in Game 2 may be easier to explain than its subsequent problems against Florida and Rutgers the next two games. The Vols came out on a roll against the Blue Raiders, then simply quit executing.

''When you come out pretty quick and get 17 (points), maybe our guys relaxed a little bit,'' Sanders said. ''I think against Middle we may have lost intensity a little bit. It was a little bit too easy at the start and maybe we started looking ahead to Florida.''

What happened in Game 3 against the Gators, however, was almost beyond explanation ... and beyond belief.

''You come back against Florida and we fumble four snaps in six plays,'' Sander said, shaking his head at the recollection.

LIke UT fans, Sanders is perplexed and frustrated by the offensive struggles to date.

As the coordinator put it: ''You don't expect a team with as much experience as we have on this offense to have the number of penalties we've had and the number of turnovers.''

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