Chavis registers a tackle

Not content merely to run over Tennessee's defensive players last Saturday, Arkansas quarterback Matt Jones once ran over Vol defensive coordinator John Chavis.

At the end of a scramble, Jones was pushed out of bounds near the Vol bench. That's when he ran headlong into Chavis, sending both of them sprawling to the turf.

The incident came to light when the coordinator was asked about coaching from the sidelines instead of the coaches' booth in the press box.

''It's been OK but I got the crap knocked out of me last week,'' Chavis replied. ''I didn't like that very much. I learned to get out of the way in a hurry.''

When pressed for details, the coordinator added: ''I got run over by a quarterback. Isn't that something?''

Jones is a 6-5, 215-pounder with remarkable speed and power, proved difficult for Vol defenders to tackle all evening. ''I guess he ran over a bunch of people,'' Chavis conceded, ''but it probably hurt me the worst.'' At this point, yours truly smugly noted: ''At least YOU brought him down ...'' Yeah,'' Chavis said. ''No doubt about that. But I had a hard time getting him off of me.''

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