Phil prefers sudden death

After playing six extra periods last weekend against Arkansas, Vol head coach Phillip Fulmer is hoping he doesn't have to play another overtime today against Georgia. In fact, he gives the impression that he'd like to see college adopt a sudden-death format similar to that used in the National Football League.

''I haven't been involved in a sudden death but I've always thought that would be the way I'd rather play than to put it on the 25-yard line,'' he said.

The current system used in college, he feels, represents too much of a change in the basic strategies of the game.

''It's so restrictive, whether you've got the ball first or you've got to go get a touchdown or you've got to play for a field goal,'' Fulmer said. ''It's not as real as playing first-one-to-score.''

Still, Fulmer isn't ready to lead a movement to adopt a sudden-death system in the college game.

''I don't have a big problem with it,'' he said of the existing system, ''but it did extend things a bit.''

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