Wednesday Afternoon Practice Report

The team welcomed Kelley Washington back to practice on Thursday afternoon. Washington had missed Tuesday's practice to attend a doctor's appointment.

Kelley Washington left last Saturday's game against Georgia after making a beautiful 42-yard catch from James Banks. Washington broke tackles and got most of the yardage on his own. The injury was determined to be a strained neck. He is not expected to miss any more playing time. Coach Fulmer said Washington would be, "just fine."

Fulmer was very pleased with today's practice. "Today was a real fundamental day for us," Fulmer said. "We got a look at some of the Alabama stuff yesterday and today. The main thing we have to do is get ready for Alabama and get healthy." Many of the freshman stayed after coaches had dismissed them to work on their fundamentals. A few of those names were James Banks, Jonathan Wade, Chris Hannon, Rob Smith, Antwan Stewart, Jason Allen and LeRon Harris. Fulmer said he was "really glad to see that," pertaining to the freshman staying after practice.

Michael Munoz was also back at practice on Wednesday. Munoz was sporting a cast on his right hand for the broken bone and he did not participate in any drills. Mike came to practice without shoulder pads. Trainers may allow him to sit out this week to heal up from having a couple of nagging injuries and then return to full-speed on Monday of next week.

The Vols will only have one more practice this week and then break for the weekend. Fulmer admited that he has a special video package that he shows his team to highlight the Tennessee-Alabama series. I wonder if there are any clips of that faithful day in Birmingham at Legion Field in 1995. I guess we are left to wonder.

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