Psychic Phil?

Tennessee's head football coach has been called a lot of things - a few of them unprintable - during the course of an up-and-down 2007 season.

No one thus far has called Phillip Fulmer "psychic" but there is recent evidence to suggest he may deserve that tag.

Knowing the Tennessee-Kentucky game would match two potent offenses against two struggling defenses, I asked Fulmer during last Tuesday's media day for his opinion on "shootouts" – games that feature a lot of points.

His verbatim response was as follows:

"Just as long as somehow, someway we get more than they do … whether we have to block a punt and win 3-0 or 52-50. I don't have any control over that once the game starts."

The score of the Big Orange-Big Blue game, in case you've forgotten, was 52-50 in four overtimes.

Never dreaming the quote would prove prophetic, I used it in a web note entitled "Points A-plenty" that ran last Wednesday morning on this very site. You can look it up.

The obvious question: Will Fulmer inadvertently give away the score of the UT-LSU SEC Championship Game during this Tuesday's news conference?

Stay tuned.

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