NFL playoffs have Orange tint

If you're wondering what happened to your favorite University of Tennessee football player, you probably can find out by turning in to the NFL playoffs.

Eight ex-Vols will be participating in postseason action this weekend, with nine more scheduled to join the fun next weekend.

Interestingly enough, the two pro teams with the most ex-Vols – the New England Patriots (16-0) and Green Bay Packers (13-3) with three each – were so good they earned first-round byes. Conversely, only one of the 12 NFL playoff teams has no ex-Vols on its roster.

What follows is a Big Orange fans' guide to the playoffs:


AFC: Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers (8:00 on NBC)

Defensive tackles John Henderson and Tony McDaniel represent the Jaguars but McDaniel is on injured reserve and won't participate in the playoffs. Wideout Cedrick Wilson plays for the Steelers.

NFC: Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks (4:30 on NBC)

Deon Grant plays safety for the Seahawks. The Redskins have no ex-Vols.


AFC: Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers (4:30 on CBS)

Albert Haynesworth and Demetrin Veal are defensive tackles for the Titans. Eric Parker is a receiver with the Chargers but he's on injured reserve and hasn't played all season.

NFC: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1:00 on FOX)

Gibril Wilson will be playing safety for the Giants. Offensive lineman Arron Sears and wideout Mark Jones represent the Bucs.


AFC: Pittsburgh, Jacksonville or Tennessee at New England (8:00 on CBS)

Wideouts Donte Stallworth and Kelley Washington play for the Patriots, along with safety Rashad Baker.

NFC: Seattle, Tampa Bay or NY Giants at Green Bay (4:30 on FOX)

Chad Clifton (tackle) and Scott Wells (center) start in the Packer offensive line, and Justin Harrell (tackle) toils in their defensive front.

JAN. 13

AFC: San Diego, Pittsburgh or Jacksonville at Indianapolis (1:00 on CBS)

Peyton Manning reportedly plays some quarterback for the Colts.

NFC: Tampa Bay, NY Giants or Washington at Dallas (4:30 on FOX)

Jason Witten is the star tight end and Kevin Burnett plays linebacker for the Cowboys.

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