Leak lurks in Vol QB picture

Fans who assume that freshman James Banks locked up Tennessee's backup quarterback role with his performance against Georgia two weeks ago are being a bit hasty.

''James separated himself some,'' Vol offensive coordinator Randy Sanders said this week, ''but he hasn't separated it to the point where C.J. is totally out of the equation.''

James Banks came off the bench to complete 10 of 15 passes for 168 yards. He also rushed 10 times for 70 yards, although four sacks for 35 yards in losses reduced his net total to 35 yards.

With starting QB Casey Clausen sidelined by a fractured clavicle, Leak started the game and completed one of three pass attempts for nine yards.

If Clausen's shoulder problems render him unable to complete tonight's game with Alabama, Banks will get first call off the bench. But Leak remains in the competition for playing time and could be a factor before season's end.

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