UT's talent better than Notre Dame's?

Notre Dame has so-so talent but an 8-0 record. Tennessee has great talent but a 4-3 record. At least, that's the way senior tackle/co-captain Will Ofenheusle sees it.

''We have more talent than Notre Dame, but they play as a team and don't make mistakes,'' he said. ''They are truly the No. 1 TEAM in the country. They don't have as much talent but they play as a team, they don't make mistakes and give the ball away.''

The Vols gave the ball away six times in last Saturday's 34-14 loss to Alabama -- three times on fumbles and three times on interceptions.

Ofenheusle's Notre Dame comment came when he was asked to compare Tennessee's 4-3 start this year to the Vols' 2-3 start in 2000. That 2000 team bounced back to win seven games in a row.

''In 2000 we started 2-3, and we really weren't very good then, but we went out and played hard,'' he recalled. ''We have a lot more talent this year, and that's frustrating ... to know you have the talent. We have more talent than a lot of teams in the country.''

Notre Dame included, the way he sees it.

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