Tuesday Afternoon Practice Report

Tennessee was forced indoors this afternoon because of heavy rainshowers in the area. Even though they were slightly restricted in what they could do, a few wide receivers looked good catching the football.

Montrell Jones and Tony Brown appeared to have a very good practice. Both guys had a decent performance in Saturday night's game against Alabama. It is hard to say anyone had a good game in a 20-point loss, but those two did okay. I didn't notice either player drop a pass today, which is uncommon due to the high number of passes they have thrown at them in practice. If Kelley Washington is unable to play, coaches should be happy with the progress Jones and Brown are making.

Kelley Washington dressed out for practice, but didn't see much action. He ended his day by visiting the trainers room and off to a late class. His status for Saturday's game will not be known until later this week.

Michael Munoz was back at practice after resting his sore shoulder on Monday. Munoz should be ready for South Carolina.

Demetrin Veal sat out practice today again. He is having problems with his left achilles tendon. He was wearing a boot on his foot today. His status for the Gamecocks is unknown right now.

Coach Fulmer said he wanted to practice outdoors, but didn't want to risk any pulled muscles with injuries already being numerous. "The team's very responsive the practice tempo we needed today," Fulmer said after practice. "We got a good start on South Carolina. I don't know if you can get everything from a loss, or two losses out of your system, but the leaders are there and they're working hard. Young guys are responding." Johnathan Wade is one of those guys Fulmer is talking about. Wade has put together two nice pratices and should be a factor on Saturday. Wade has the biggest game of his short career against the Tide and needs to be involved in the offense in the Vols are going to get out of the short losing streak they are currently on.

On the South Carolina side, the Cocks will be without a few of their key players. Tailback Ryan Brewer and safety Rashad Faison will not be able play this weekend. Both guys are very important to the team and their loss will be a big problem for Coach Lou Holtz to replace.

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