Home-Road Factor

Tennessee could have virtually clinched the SEC East title by winning at Georgia on Saturday ... if Kentucky hadn't also posted a road win at LSU.

The Vols' victory in Athens improved their conference record to 5-0 at home and 5-1 on the road. Using the Home-Road Factor (adding 2 points for each road win, deducting 2 for each home loss) gives the Big Orange a rating of plus-10. That means UT is on pace to finish 10 games above .500 in league play (13-3) if it merely wins its remaining home games and loses its remaining road games.

Kentucky's win at Baton Rouge improved the Big Blue to 4-0 at home, 3-3 on the road. That's a Home-Road Factor of plus-6, meaning the Cats are on pace to finish six games above .500 at 11-5. Just about the only way the Wildcats can earn a share of the SEC championship is to beat the Vols in Knoxville on March 2. That would raise UK's H-R Factor to plus-8 and lower UT's to plus-8, putting both teams on pace to finish 12-4.

For UK to win the East outright, the Cats must go 6-0 the rest of the way and hope Tennessee goes 2-3. If the Big Orange beats the Big Blue on March 2, the only way UK can claim the division title is for the Cats to win every other SEC game on their schedule and for the Vols to lose every other SEC game on their schedule.

At plus-10, Tennessee is in great shape to win the SEC overall title, as well. West Division leader Mississippi State, despite an 8-2 league record, has a Home-Road Factor of just plus-4. That's because the Bulldogs (5-1 home, 3-1 road) have played just four SEC road games, two fewer than Tennessee. Rick Stansbury's team still has to visit Ole Miss, South Carolina, Florida and Vanderbilt. The odds of winning all four of those games appear pretty slim.

Here's a look at the latest Home-Road Factor ratings:


Tennessee 5-0 5-1 ..... plus 10

Kentucky 4-0 3-3 ..... plus 6

Vanderbilt 5-0 2-4 ..... plus 4

Florida 4-1 2-4 ..... plus 2

S. Carolina 2-3 2-3 ..... minus 2

Georgia 3-3 0-4 ..... minus 6


Miss. State 5-1 3-1 ..... plus 4

Arkansas 4-1 2-3 ..... plus 2

Ole Miss 3-2 0-5 ..... minus 4

Auburn 1-4 2-3 ..... minus 4

Alabama 3-3 0-5 ..... minus 6

Louisiana St. 0-5 2-3 ..... minus 6

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