Thursday Afternoon Practice Report

With a hard road trip ahead, Thursday's practice kept the theme of the week and really had a definite focus.

"Our kids have been into this all week," said Coach Phillip Fulmer after practice. "Everybody is ready to get on a good track. And yesterday's and tonight's work was exceptional. We just need to go out there, play, and win a football game."

As usual with this year's team, injuries tell the tale of the week's game plan. And this week is really no different, with key defensive tackles Demetrin Veal and Edward Kendrick out. The biggest disappointment, though, is the loss of wide receiver Kelley Washington for yet another week.

"Kelley Washington will be out indefinitely due to circumstances from the concussion," said Fulmer.

As far as the running game goes, having Cedric Houston back should allow the Vols to put up some more rushing statistics, and with Gerald Riggs and Jabari Davis getting more touches, the Orange and White may finally see someone step up.

"Jabari and ‘Ced' being healthy helps the mix there," said Fulmer. "I'm really pleased with what Riggs is getting done and I'm looking for one of these guys to still emerge and looking for Cedric to get back to his start. He started the season very well."

Maybe the story behind Tennessee's rushing hindrances lies in the offensive line, but for the first time in a while, the ‘O' line looks to be back to full health with the return of Michael Munoz and Anthony Herrera. Plus, the prospective freshmen Rob Smith and Cody Douglas seem to be finding their places in the wall.

"Herrera being back helps," said Fulmer. "He got to play 16 downs last week and will be should be back to himself and Munoz did very well being back. The line has really been well. Cody and Rob are ready to play too. And at this point in the season, they should be getting better."

Going to Gamecock country may be the hardest road trip of the season; it's definitely the longest. But if the Vols are going to have a hope of turning the season around, it is a must to win at South Carolina.

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