Great Scott!

During his interviews with Tennessee head football coach Phil Fulmer before and after he was hired as the Vols' new offensive coordinator, Dave Clawson reached two inescapable conclusions:

One, Fulmer really has a healthy respect for the value of recruiting.

Two, Fulmer really needed to meet Latrell Scott.

Scott spent 2005, 2006 and 2007 as the receivers coach and lead recruiter for Clawson's Richmond Spiders football program. Scott's ability to identify quality prospects and then convince them to sign with Richmond convinced Clawson that Scott would be just the type of assistant Fulmer prizes.

"Coach Fulmer talked so much about the ability to recruit, and Latrell has been my best recruiter for three years," Clawson said.

The fact Scott has spent three years teaching Clawson's offensive system is an added bonus.

"I thought it would help with the offensive transition," Clawson conceded, "but I also thought he would be a very effective recruiter."

Scott is a charismatic guy who comes across as honest and earnest. The conversational skills he exhibited with the media shortly after being hired by Fulmer work quite well with prospects, too.

"He just has great interpersonal skills," Clawson said. "He has a great way with his positional players and his recruits. He's trustworthy – he delivers on the things he says – and he's a good human being."

Still, assistants who can recruit are a dime a dozen. The top-notch assistants are the ones who can recruit a prospect and then coach him well enough to help him maximize his talents. From all accounts, Latrell Scott is a success in both of these areas.

"Latrell's an excellent coach," Clawson said. "Latrell's had other opportunities to work at BCS-level schools. I don't know if he just wasn't interested or if he just wanted me to keep giving him titles and raises. He progressed on our staff, got the title of assistant head coach.

"He was the very, very best recruiter on my staff at Richmond. He turned down other opportunities like this so that hopefully we could make a move together."

That patience was rewarded in January, when Dave Clawson was hired as Tennessee's offensive coordinator and managed to bring his hot-shot young recruiter with him.

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