Too much love for SEC?

Florida won college football's national championship in 2006, and fellow SEC member LSU duplicated the feat in 2007. Can there be any doubt that the NCAA's best football is played in the SEC?

In spite of the league's glittering resume' the past couple of years, fans of other conferences undoubtedly will be grumbling that the SEC is getting too much credit and respect heading into the 2008 season.

Pete Fiutak of concedes as much in a recent article called "2008 Spring Preview – The Big Complaints."

Inevitably, there are a few misguided souls across the country who are unwilling or unable to accept that SEC football is the standard to which all other conferences aspire and by which all others are measured. Fiutak anticipates plenty of belly-aching from these folks as the '08 season arrives.

Here's what he has to say about the subject in his website article:

"Everyone will be complaining about ...


Get ready for the inevitable backlash. The media (with CFN leading the parade) will likely overgush about how amazing the SEC is and about how the league's champion probably deserves to play in the national title game no matter what. Judging from the message boards, e-mails to us, and the general mood from non-SEC fans, the rest of the conferences are tired of being Jan Brady, and more than anything else, they're tired of the SEC not exactly extending itself when it comes to non-conference games and leaving the southeast part of the country to play. (SEC fans, I'm just going off the perception and the correspondence from non-SEC fans. Don't worry, I'll get to the reality next in the "Everyone Will Be In Love With" portion of the program).

The SEC is loaded again, but it's top-heavy, so with several teams (like Auburn, Arkansas and Tennessee) undergoing a bit of a change and probably needing a year to get back to normal, Alabama and South Carolina good, but hardly elite, and other teams (like Mississippi State, Kentucky, Ole Miss and Vanderbilt) just fine, but nothing special, watch how quickly the non-SEC fans jump all over any opening to fire on the 400-pound gorilla in the room. While few outside of Los Angeles are questioning whether or not LSU was the best team in America at the end of last year, other leagues are going to want the same breaks soon for their two-loss star teams when it comes to the BCS and the national championship game."

In addition to the grumbling that the SEC is getting too much respect, Fiutak predicts there will be thousands of discouraging words tossed back and forth regarding the following topics:

- Ohio State. Fiutak concedes that, after twice getting to the BCS Title Game and losing big to SEC opponents, the Buckeyes' lofty preseason rating heading into 2008 will stir controversy.

- BCS. The Bowl Championship Series is making tons of money, and Fiutak suspects the BCS conferences are going to demand a bigger piece of the pie.

- Penn State coaching situation. Joe Paterno apparently wants to coach forever, which Fiutak believes has school brass caught in a tricky no-win situation.

- Southern Cal and the NCAA. Alleged booster violations involving ex-Trojan Reggie Bush appear to be serious. Fiutak wonders aloud: Is the NCAA going to take action or is USC exempt from the rules that govern everyone else?

- 2009 NFL quarterback prospects. Unless Florida's Tim Tebow and/or Georgia's Matt Stafford come out early, Fiutak suggests that the '09 QB crop appears to be awful.

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