Monday Afternoon Practice Report

The Tennessee Volunteers were very excited on Monday and looked sharp in practice. If the first day translates into the remainder of the week, the coaching can't help but he happy about the game this weekend.

The Vols were back at it on Monday after a much-needed win over a solid South Carolina team. Coach Fulmer seemed pleased with his team's practice today. "Good to get back to practice and feel better about the way we played in the last ballgame," Coach Fulmer said following practice. "We have a huge challenge this week. Miami is a heck of a football team. All I know for sure is what we do on the practice field everyday."

There were some bruised up players coming out of Columbia this past weekend. As has been the constant drill this season, Fulmer answered questions about his hurt Vols.
Michael Munoz has an infection in his foot. He did not practice today and will be questionable this week. Fulmer said he hopes Michael's infection will go down enough so that he can practice within the next couple of days.
Casey Clausen did practice today. He was limping slightly, but nothing close to what he was on Saturday during the game. Clausen didn't see much action today, but did throw the ball around a little.
Cedric Houston, as reported this weekend, is still scheduled to get the cast taken off of his left hand on Wednesday. That minor restriction should allow Cedric to have even better production this Saturday.
Demetrin Veal could possibly be ready to play against Miami. Fulmer said he is very optimistic about Veal's chances of playing this weekend.
Kelley Washington did not participate in practice today. His status for this weekend and the remainder of the season are very uncertain at this point.

There were other injuries in the win, but Fulmer did not speak specifically on them. Rashad Baker, Troy Fleming, Gibril Wilson and Chris Hannon were just a few guys that missed some game action with injuries this past weekend, but they were at practice. The team's official injury status and game probability will not come until Thursday afternoon.

The Tennessee defense was very loud today. Much moreso than at any other point this season. The Miami defense is not as complex as some the Vols have faced in the last few seasons. The 'Canes will basically lineup on Saturday and try to physically whip Tennessee. The Vol D looked and acted like they had been told that very thing before practice today. This may translate into another big week of practice for the defense.

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