Wednesday Afternoon Practice Report

On Monday and Tuesday the Vols appeared to be very focused and excited about playing Miami this weekend. Following Wednesday's practice session, Coach Phillip Fulmer made no bones about the fact that he was unhappy with the tempo today.

"I think today drug a little bit on offense," Fulmer said after practice. "Monday and Tuesday were really good. I think some of the new stuff we were looking at in the passing game bothered ‘em and slowed things down a little. Tomorrow I expect all that to be corrected and the enthusiasm to be where is was in the first part of the week."

Fulmer was not just blowing off steam. The team, as a whole, did look slightly distracted. The Vols did practice outside and it was very cold this afternoon on Upper Hudson Field. Obviously that shouldn't be a problem, but sometimes it factors in.

Michael Munoz is still battling the infection he developed in his leg. He again missed practice and is slowly growing very doubtful to play on Saturday.

Jabari Davis was back at practice today. He did not see much action, but he was dressed out. Davis should suit up on Saturday, but he will probably see very limited action.

The Vols will dress out and practice tomorrow, but not have any full contact. Thursday will be their final practice session before Saturday's game.

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