Can Vols slay the giant?

No one expected Boston College to beat Notre Dame but it happened. <p> No one expected Florida to beat Georgia but it happened. <p> No one expected Pitt to beat Virginia Tech but it happened. <p> No one expects Tennessee to beat Miami...

Crazy things happen to the college football landscape in November, and the Vols would love to join the fun this weekend against a Miami Hurricanes team that is ranked No. 1 by the coaches and No. 2 by the Associated Press.

Can the Vols slay the giant this Saturday -- as Boston College, Florida and Pitt did last weekend?

Certainly, Tennessee has some factors weighing in its favor. The Vols finally showcased a running game vs. South Carolina, thanks to Cedric Houston's return to health. But if Houston gets banged up, what then? The J-Train is hurting, while Tinsley and Riggs have been fumble-prone lately. It would be nice to see Keldrick Williams get a shot sometime but the tailback rotation is too crowded already, so that's highly unlikely.

Although Tennessee played well enough to beat South Carolina 18-10 last Saturday, the Vols still showed an alarming lack of discipline. They fumbled four times (losing two) and incurred eight penalties. And remember: UT wouldn't have switched from a field goal try to the Clausen bootleg on fourth-and-one at the Carolina 5-yard line except that it had to call a timeout due to having too many players on the field. That doesn't exactly inspire confidence, does it?

Throw in the fact Kelley Washington is out and Casey Clausen is dealing with two injuries (ankle, shoulder) instead of one, and it's hard to feel very optimistic about UT's chances.

Still, the Big Orange has enough talent to be competitive. When you have a competitive team and the homefield advantage, you never know what might happen.

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